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What is decorative concrete, and how does it increase your home or business' curb appeal?

Let’s face it, concrete in it’s purist form, although functional, can be very basic and boring to the eye. Industrial and institutional businesses, as well as residential spaces have turned towards custom design as a way to customize their concrete surfaces for a unique and visually appealing effect.

Decorative refers to a wide range of processes that can customize concrete surfaces. This includes:

  • Concrete Stamping: Embedding a “stamped” image into the surface

  • Concrete Overlays: Resurfacing concrete with improved designs

  • Concrete Staining: Applying a solid color or pattern to concrete

  • Concrete Engraving: Cutting designs and textures into the surface

  • Concrete Sealing: Applying a protective coat to prevent damage

Whether you simply want a fresh look for your customers or need a picture perfect landscape for your home, concrete designs are an impressive feature for any property.

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